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The Bubble Review

Judd Apatow, having seen the horrific incident where Will Smith smacked Chris Rock in the mouth, took to Twitter to say “he could have killed him,” in a now-deleted Tweet. The Bubble, Apatow’s latest directed effort, could kill thousands through sheer boredom. His meta-comedy about actors screwing, screaming and swooning at the camera isn’t as smart as it thinks it could be. This is Spinal Tap was forty years ago and bucked the trend of irreverent meta-comedy. Most are playing catch up, and Apatow doesn’t have the same chops as Larry Charles or Larry David. The only bubble Apatow needs to worry about is the one this all-star cast is trapped in, with him commanding them between a series of asinine comedy bits.

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The Mandalorian – Chapter Two – The Child

Appealing to the manbabies with a literal baby of a beloved character, The Mandalorian presents its audience a cute plot device to latch onto. That seems to be the main style to this storyline, especially here in the second episode. The Mandalorian – Chapter Two – The Child offers us the opportunity to get to grips with this new pairing that will inevitably stagger through the next few episodes, providing unfulfilled prose and lacklustre energy to all.  

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The Mandalorian – Chapter One – The Mandalorian Review

Star Wars is still kicking and screaming then, is it? Thought we’d have left that in the past with all our other happy memories. Never taken away on the heights of this space opera nonsense, The Mandalorian was presenting a bitesize form of entertainment. Something that wouldn’t be too difficult to sink some teeth into, like a marshmallow. The Mandalorian and marshmallows have the same nourishment value anyway. Heralding in a new way for users to yell and complain about this Lucasfilm franchise, Jon Favreau presents this debut episode, directed by Star Wars: The Clone Wars alumni, Dave Filoni.  

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