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60 Seconds! Reatomized Review

Preparing for the apocalypse is seeming like more of a necessity than a choice these days. It is good of Robot Gentlemen, the studio behind 60 Seconds! Reatomized to provide a drill of how the nuclear armageddon may go down. Throw the relatives and some soup down into a shelter and hope for the best. A skill and resource management game where the chance of procuring more tinned goods and fresh water is a slim dream running through an Atomic Era family of four. Survival, naturally, is far tougher than any family from the 1950s would suspect. As much a game of chance as it is a series of tactical risks and slow-burning developments, 60 Seconds! Reatomized soon lends itself to the nuclear paranoia of the final bomb dropping down on civilization.

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Destroy All Humans! Review

With content creation in a lull, it is both reassuring and worrying to see an influx of remasters cropping up in-game sales and libraries. Bad, because some of these remasters are of games that are barely in contention for the title of “classic” and released later than some of the tech I own and currently use. Good, because it means nostalgia consumers such as me get the chance to experience their favourite games without mucking about with emulators or burrowing a Playstation 2 deep into the nest of wires hidden under their desk. Destroy All Humans! is, thankfully, the latest IP to receive this translation of sleek graphics and gameplay jitters. 

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Dead Island: Remastered Review

As someone who never quite got to grips with the theory that holidays are meant to be relaxing, something like Dead Island should appeal to me. That lingering thought of being a consistent bag of work and energy is utilised in an almost primal way. Survival is on the menu, and the running, sole theme of Deep Silver’s efforts here. Effectively a tightening of the screws on a vehicle that was falling apart out of the box, it seems anything can sell as a remaster these days. Being particularly displeased with my experiences with the original, venturing back into a game plagued by bugs, broken combat and boring storylines was a risk not worth taking. But, the Steam sale beckons, it sounds the alarm. Gondor may call for aide, but Steam screeches as the floodgates open, the only thing holding them back being Sam B and a shoddy-looking sledgehammer.

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