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Star Trek Into Darkness Review

An already established universe behind it, Star Trek Into Darkness should have an easy run of worldbuilding exercises that can help further expand this J.J. Abrams science-fiction vision. No such luck. Meandering along without much to prove and even less to show for itself, Star Trek Into Darkness is an uncomfortably predictable piece with quite a strange change in pace and tone. Bumping out some of the more established characters and gambling on the introduction of Benedict Cumberbatch as a nostalgia-pop villain, surrounded by the fairly well-established new heroes adorned in roles of a bleak and whimsical past. There is room to grow into them for these characters, and thankfully, Star Trek Into Darkness does offer that in spotty moments of discourse.

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Starter for 10 Review

Thatcherism, Bristol, and University Challenge. Three quintessentially British things that I hate. They are also the backdrop for Starter for 10, the James McAvoy-led British ensemble that wishes to dedicate much of its running time to the perky romance of Brian Jackson (McAvoy) and anyone within his field of view. Deriving its title from the starting question of University Challenge, it is hard not to be taken off on this journey through old-school university days, however fractured they may appear. Compare this to the work Benedict Cumberbatch and McAvoy offer audiences now. The times have most certainly changed for the two of them. What has stayed the same, though, are the backdrops of social and economic strife. 

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