Forgetting the Future – Small Town Syndrome Review

Stoned, smoked and waking up with little care for it all, latest track Small Town Syndrome from Forgetting the Future has that smart wordplay always associated with the band. Their singles have always been an exciting addition to the alternative rock scene, with Latch a delightful release still lingering on the mind a year on. The latest single, Small Town Syndrome, is everything you could want from an alternative rock track.

Small Town Syndrome blows Forgetting the Future’s previous efforts out of the water. Slick guitar riffs and a great chorus pull this tale of hometown claustrophobia together. Robbie McNicol’s lyrics are stern and well-written, paced out well to a barrage of late-game guitar solos and confident basslines.

Pairing those lyrics of an uphill struggle with a crash of sound backing it is just what Small Town Syndrome needed. Forgetting the Future have nailed the key points of the alternative rock genre. It is exciting to see where they will develop from here, not because they may offer something different to what listeners may expect, but because they have the potential to steer the ship through the choppy waters of the past few years.

Small Town Syndrome is short enough to work as an excellent rock single that highlights both the energetic display of instrumentals needed for any great rock track and the lyrical class needed to warrant the sheer boldness of such riffs. There is a strong and sudden blend within Small Town Syndrome, and it’s another track from Forgetting the Future that cements them as reliable and promising. They’re an interesting group, not just for the great rock edge they provide, but because their lyrics are imaginative, interesting, and have that right level of anger to them. Small Town Syndrome proves that effectively enough.

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