Forgetting the Future – Latch Review

There is no forgetting Forgetting the Future. They are a band with an untapped potential, and here they present it for all to hear with their latest single, Latch.

While its message of teenage love and the inevitable progression towards adulthood is rather typical and topical, it is the invigorating musicianship found within that excels Forgetting the Future beyond alt-rock cannon fodder.

Decent wordplay provides an integral narrative bed to the track, which wears The Fratellis’ influence well. It is the instrumentals that bring Latch forward as a great track, though, with some immense guitar riffs that capture the energetic, memorable motions of a classic, independently-woven track. Throwing in maracas was a strange but comfortable addition to, it is nice to see innovation even in the smallest of scopes.

Undeniable strength is found throughout Latch, which combines the positive traditions of alternative rock with a recurrent desire to shake the genre up. Forgetting the Future are confident, refreshing and, most importantly, thoroughly strong musicians. Latch proves that rather well.

Latch releases March 1st.

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