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Young Ones and Comic Strip star Adrian Edmondson announces autobiography Berserker! for September release

Comedy legend Adrian Edmondson has announced the release of his autobiography, Berserker!.

The Bottom and The Young Ones star is set to release his non-fiction account on September 28 this year with an audiobook and book signing seemingly confirmed too.

Edmondson, one-half of the infamous comedy duo with Rik Mayall, took to Twitter in a horned helmet to announce the upcoming book.

The comic said: “I’ve written a book about myself. It’s called Berserker!

Edmondson, who did not announce the title of his book in italics but the style guide of this website uses italics for titles, is set to detail his life as an actor and a few personal moments too.

Explaining the title, Edmondson said: “The dictionary definition of a berserker is a man who is out of control with anger and excitement, which seems to define much of what I have done, and much of what I am.

“It defines many of the comedy characters I’ve played in my life. Vivian Bastard, Sir Adrian Dangerous, Eddie Hitler, and who but a berserker would slacken the brakes on his motorcycle and drive headlong into a busy junction to prove that he was alive?

“It’s also about my personal history of swearing. It’s about being constantly beaten with sticks at school, about kissing Joni Mitchell, and being set on fire. Not all at the same time.”

Published by Pan Macmillan in September this year, copies of the book are available for pre-order at Waterstones now.

A description for the book reads: “With wisdom, nostalgia and uniquely observed humour, Ade traces his journey through life and comedy: starting out on the alternative scene, getting arrested in Soho, creating his outrageously violent characters and learning more about his curious (possibly Scandinavian) heritage.

“With star-studded anecdotes and set to a soundtrack of pop hits which transport the reader through time, it’s a memoir like no other.”

Teasing the release of his book on Twitter, Edmondson had previously assured fans he was “not joining Jamiroquai” as he showcased the horned helmet worn in a video announcement.

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