Aqua Velvas – Boris Johnson’s Government Review

Protest songs are nothing new, the greats of this genre have come and gone, but there is indeed room for growth. Aqua Velvas’ new single, Boris Johnson’s Government, is as on the nose as it gets.

An acoustic laden song with a warbling voice that muses on the various horrors we’ve experienced under the damp hands of this shoddy government, the message of the song is one of angry vitriol.

But that venomous sarcasm doesn’t go much further than listing poor choices the government has taken. Songwriting that smacks of relatively shoddy or amateur work, Boris Johnson’s Government misses the mark of protest by just droning on with a list of topics, smashed together with relatively little thought.

We can appreciate the sentiment, and the exasperated rage conflicting the sombre acoustics is a nice gel, but weak lyrical accompaniment makes for an unpalatable bore

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