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Bob Dylan – Planet Waves Review

A first-time album release between Bob Dylan and The Band was surely set to be a big one. Audiences no doubt know how great lyricists, paired with excellent musicians, are in the business of making brilliant music. They proved that with their earlier recordings from the late 60s which soon became The Basement Tapes. But it wasn’t the case for Planet Waves, where much of the album is spent finding a groove, understanding the efforts or outlook of the other party, or just missing the beat. With a flurry of problems and some glimmers of hope, Planet Waves starts to look like a project solely reliant on a handful of sparks, rather than the boom there was to be seen between the two artists just a few years later on that infamous release.

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Bob Dylan – The Basement Tapes Review

Bob Dylan and The Band. Just let those artists settle on the mind for a moment. The Basement Tapes offers a collaboration between the two. The Band may have begun as the backing players to Dylan’s tours, but their name launched a successful career of truly great albums. With Dylan at the forefront of The Basement Tapes and The Band behind him, a sense of tradition is founded. They work hand in hand with lyrical and musical perfection over 24 tracks of genuine brilliance. Dylan’s second album with The Band is a rip-roaring stunner, spread across some of the finest songwriting and performances either artist would offer in their lengthy, varied careers.

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The Last Waltz Review

If Martin Scorsese wished to show off his connection with the greatest musicians of a generation, then The Last Waltz serves him well. Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond litter the casting for this documentary on one final tour for the immensely talented group, The Band. Their work as artists buoying the finest works of Dylan and their own, independent releases, are some of the most influential, integral albums to have ever released. Their impact, both short term and long, is monumental. That much is captured within The Last Waltz, not just through smart direction from Scorsese but an understanding of what made their music so powerful, and why it lasts over forty years later.

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