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The Last Castle Review

Patriotic parables of real American heroes overthrowing enemies of knowable origin was a particularly hot topic for the phase of post-9/11 moviegoing. Heroes that earned their stars and stripes, military propaganda, it is something that struck up a dependable line for the action genre to take. The Last Castle, then, is an odd failure of such a marketable strategy. A box office bomb and now a later stage entry of cultural amnesia, The Last Castle’s dependable ensemble are now up for grabs as an unsung feature of the early 21st century. Rightly so, somewhat. Rod Lurie would peak and fall with this middling feature that provides all the right highs and lows of an action feature, but its determination to capture the hearts and minds that were so deeply affected at the time is a grand failure.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Where Encino Man looked to adopt a caveman to the modern world, did they believe they would have any impact on the formation of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? In its brief opening, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) produces a list of culture he should experience now that he finds himself awakening in the flourishing modern metropolis of 2014. An exciting time to be alive, or so I’m told, Captain America: The Winter Soldier wishes to cement itself as a strong, independent bit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe puzzle and that it does, with fumbling style and ineffective grace, but a wholesome core and good competent fun making up for it.

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Truth Review

Whilst most of my interest in watching Truth is based off of Robert Redford’s inclusion, I do think my studying of journalism at University has added a bit more interest in the project. More so than I would have first expected, especially since in recent years, Truth hasn’t exactly become the modern-day All the President’s Men. Based on the true story of CBS’ 60 Minutes broadcast in which anchorman Dan Rather brings allegations of sitting President George W. Bush’s military service into question. Doubt settled in, controversy began to spark, and those at the centre of the reporting found themselves backpedalling, with desperation taking control. Truth looks to adapt that, with the blessing of Rather himself, in the debut feature of James Vanderbilt. 

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The Candidate Review

Much like The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer before it, The Candidate finds itself tucked away in the niche genre of light political dramas. Both feature a candidate out of their depth and with no real, passionate desire for the field they find themselves in, but inexplicably ride a wave of popularity closer and closer to their somewhat desired position. Although the Peter Cook starring Michael Rimmer piece elbows much of the drama out of the way for some light-hearted comedic pieces, The Candidate brings us Robert Redford as a disgruntled, impromptu candidate for California’s Democrat Party.

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