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Rogue Male Review

Why I often find myself drawn to ill-remembered action films with questionably good leading men in them is something I’ll never quite understand. Rogue Male benefits greatly from leading man Peter O’Toole, placing him deep in the heart of Berlin as he attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Failing that, and escaping torture, he attempts to make his way back to safety, wherever that may lie. It does not lie in his home country, nor does it lie in the fascist state of Germany, both would present severe punishment for his actions or lack thereof, and thus, Rogue Male finds its unique angle. A survival film, led by a quintessential, gentlemanly actor whose leading performance here is a truly welcome surprise.

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Ratatouille (2007) Review

I’ve said countless times before that I couldn’t care less for Disney or the work they wish to output. Nothing but fancy princess tales that excrete happiness out of every available opening or fluffy worlds created to reel in the braindead masses of kids who are too scared to watch Coraline and too young to watch Chicken Run. I hate it, I’m not sure why millions are driven to love Disney products, and it’s something I’ll possibly never understand. Somewhat hypocritically, I find myself with a complete adoration for Ratatouille, and I find myself in the same camp that I placed all the other rejects who love Disney animated pieces into. Not a single person I know can understand why I have such a love for the 2007 Pixar/Disney collaboration where a talking rat learns to cook in the harsh understudy of a dead chef in the heart of Paris. Yet Ratatouille was one of my favourite films growing up, and now that I’ve hit the old age of twenty, I thought I’d head back and see if the film can hold its own over a decade later. 

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