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Spiderhead Review

Presumably, director Joseph Kosinski had hoped to avoid having Spiderhead compared to Michael Bay’s cloning feature The Island, but here we are. A commentary either on animal testing and the broad range of human trials or the strange gateway drug of Marvel films leading to a state of absolute empty repression. Spiderhead then becomes a feature documenting Chris Hemsworth hoping to regain his ability to feel love for art, or just in general. Although it would be a bit on the nose if he were in the hot seat, Miles Teller of all people steps in. A second chance for the Whiplash lead after that weird Esquire interview. If it weren’t too squeaky clean and desensitised, then Spiderhead would be something. Not something good. But something.

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Whiplash Review

We are pushed by those that believe in us. Naturally, the aim of any great teacher should be to encourage students in any way they see fit. Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), has taken that a tad too far. His explosive reactions found throughout Whiplash are monumental experimentation with how we perceive the impact of a mentor. Cold and calculated from the very first moments he appears, the mind games begin almost immediately. Whiplash is a film all about driving the talent of an individual to their breaking point. Whether or not they can truly make a career of their passion, or if it is just a hobby that will give them some brief notoriety.  

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