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French Exit Review

To live out the primitive years as a socialite with a dwindling surplus of cash and no way of making more is a dangerous precipice that specifically exists within a few films. French Exit is one of them. Planning to die before the money runs out is a fantastic line of reason for Frances Price (Michelle Pfeiffer) to follow through with, but as luck would have it, her egalitarian character is stuck running the gauntlet and running out of money rapidly. Dragging along Malcolm Price (Lucas Hedges) in that creates the natural and obvious back and forth Azazel Jacobs hopes to collate. A mother and son drawn together not by love but by a necessity, an overbearing desire to keep each other going for their own reasons.

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Scarface Review

Overblown, overlong, overrated. Those three words could certainly be applied to Scarface, perhaps the best-known film to be directed by Brian De Palma. A lengthy titan that preceded the Scorsese gangster triumphs of the 90s, Scarface showcases the rise and fall of drug kingpin Tony Montana (Al Pacino). It’s bloody, it’s violent, and, above all, it’s a well-crafted piece of film that just about puts together that earns its long stay on the screen. The pop culture it has since spawned, the references made to its source material in various other films, is undeniable. But I was dubious at best on whether or not the source material would actually stand up on its own merits.

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