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Armageddon Review

Asteroids are always threatening Earth. Just today, there were two that skittered on by like bowling balls rolling along the gutter. There’ll be five more in just as many days over the first week of May. We have nothing to worry about. Armageddon thinks not. Instilling within its audience is a fear founded by the dinosaurs. It happened to them; it will happen to us. Michael Bay tends not to disappoint when blockbuster blowouts are concerned. As he opens with the immediate destruction of Earth, narration rolling on saying “…it will happen again, it’s just a question of when,” you get the feeling this is not just a threat from the sentient powers beyond the stars, but from Bay too.  

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Kung Fu Panda Review

My personal trip through the nostalgic days of old has been an underwhelming one, to say the least. I bid farewell to some of the classic staples of my childhood. Night at the Museum was fondly remembered for some reason, a film where a CGI dinosaur runs rampant in a museum where Dick Van Dyke can dropkick Ben Stiller unable to hold a candle to the likes of RobotsWall-E, and the Jack Black-led Kung Fu Panda. It’s one of those classic films that just about everyone I know grew up with, but I imagine very few remember more than just a handful of storytelling devices the film used.  

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The Green Mile Review

I was savouring the final few pages of The Green Mile, my first and favourite Stephen King book, for a few days before I plunged into the Tom Hanks led adaptation. It wasn’t that I didn’t have faith in the work of Frank Darabont, who had done a fine job of adapting The Shawshank Redemption, but because I knew immediately that whatever the film looked to achieve, it could come nowhere close to the power and exceptional perfection the book had offered me. Still, it was an inevitable moment, to sit down and power through The Green Mile, a film that released the same year I was born, and considered to be one of the finest movies of its generation.

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