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Star Trek Beyond Review

Stagnation serves as a crucial part of Star Trek Beyond, the third feature in the rebooted Star Trek universe. It is not just the characters and their battle against stagnation, but the filmmakers too, who enlist Simon Pegg’s writing talents and the work of Fast and Furious franchise stalwart, Justin Lin, in the director’s chair. Not the worst of pairings, but the cracks are beginning to show. The strain takes hold. Let it ride. Star Trek Beyond is clutching at straws as soon as it begins without any real sense of who the villain is, how they’re going to patch over tragic omissions and where the story is going to take a group of characters that are now a little too comfortable for one another.

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28 Weeks Later Review

To say something as insane as “28 Weeks Later is marginally better than 28 Days Later” is a great way to alienate everyone around you. But I’ve said far worse than that, and will probably go on to say worse things down the line. The facts are clear as day, the Robert Carlyle-led 28 Weeks Later is somewhat superior to that of Danny Boyle’s preceding efforts in 28 Days Later. Please, try to contain your anger at thinking Jeremy Renner taking pot-shots at outbreaking zombies and looking after kids in an aimless plot of survival is greater than Brendan Gleeson driving a taxi. Surely a rage-inducing concept to grasp, but worth considering when it becomes clear that 28 Weeks Later wishes to expand on its own little universe, rather than toil away not questioning the intricacies of its craft.

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Finding Dory Review

My continued efforts in understanding the minds of Disney fans continue into the territory that I feel a bit more familiar with. Sequels to films I grew up watching is a risk to the source material, and nobody should know that more than Disney and Pixar. They somehow survived two Cars sequels, so I had somewhat high hopes for Finding Dory, a sequel to childhood classic and all-round great film, Finding Nemo. Whereas I have no excuse for nit-picking and tearing through other Disney films that I haven’t the faintest nostalgia or love for, things are different with this one. Finding Dory looks to expand upon memories I hold onto as a child, and with that in mind, Finding Dory would either be a tremendous companion piece to a classic Pixar film, or an unmemorable waste of time and material that never really goes anywhere.

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Zootopia Review

In my seemingly asinine and endless quest to torment the childhoods of potentially millions around the globe, I find myself spending more and more time ripping through Disney films without so much as a care in the world for them. Having the chance to really stop and think about my actions, to mediate on the damage I could cause those who hold these films dear to their hearts, I decided that the right thing to do would be to continue exactly what I’ve been doing. Zootopia is perhaps one of the most popular films that I’ve yet to see, not just from a Disney perspective, but from a film perspective in general. Everyone has apparently seen this film, and now so have I. Truly, I wish I’d not bothered.

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