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Together Together Review

Almost immediately, there is an odd presence to Together Together. The phantom of the feast lingers on the threshold often, but this awful entity rarely comes crashing through with a song in their heart and air in their head. Ed Helms’ transition from “man we love to hate” to “man we just hate” has taken a turn in recent years. He did not inspire much confidence as a standalone comedy character with Cedar Rapids, nor did he impress in ensembles like Father Figures or The Hangover. Every dog has his day, and Together Together may be a knock in the right direction for Helms, who was in dire need of focus, accessibility, and likeability. He checks the box of at least one of those alongside Patti Harrison and Rosalind Chao.  

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The Hangover Review

Unreal circumstances and erratic, forgotten behaviours of the night before make up much of The Hangover, a film which, decades from now, will be used as evidence that Americans cannot handle their liquor. Passionless craftsmanship with ensemble casts was the root problem of the modern American comedy, and the efforts of Todd Phillips highlight that horridly here. It is the lowest ebb, yet somehow extremely popular and well-regarded. Whatever convinced audiences and critics alike with The Hangover is a rare, lightning in a bottle moment that seems to get over well with casual moviegoers. Gatekeeping that may be, there is a serious lack of quality, depth or detail found within The Hangover, that, when looking at beyond the vaguely entertaining style it takes, is rather obvious.  

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