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Not Okay Review

Where influencers may strive for the public lifestyle, to be picked apart by strangers envious or jealous of their material possessions, what is the end goal? For some, it is the fame of the every day where others are a desperate clamour to keep something personal or professional afloat. Not Okay from director Quinn Shephard feels like a staggering blend of the two that incorporates a few lines of note from journalist Jon Ronson’s seminal piece, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, a book that provides Shephard with an outline to build from. But this is fiction. A spillover, an explosive one at that that moves far beyond what can be expected of the everyday oddities, was soon to follow. That is where Not Okay prospers, flies and falls with fatalistic, interesting results.

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American Assassin Review

A close call for Michael Keaton as he floats himself toward the cheap and shoddy action genre. Audiences could’ve lost a good on there, like they did with Bruce Willis all those years ago when he traded his quality for quantity and his artistic credentials for the credit of cash in hand values, scuppering the chances of ever seeing him in anything of interest anytime soon. We held onto Keaton as though he were a prime cut, and considering his loss at the Academy Awards way back when, it seemed almost natural that fear would grip him and he would cash in his chips with American Assassin and features just like it.

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