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Friends: The Reunion Review

If someone told you Friends: The Reunion was going to be this way, would you have watched it? With James Corden slithering his way into a get-together of 1990s television stars, the smooth-sailing plan of bringing these former cultural forces together was already falling apart. There were, inevitably, going to be bumps in the road. Times have changed, audiences too, and the longevity of Friends has turned a tad sour. Friends had a remarkable grip on the landscape of television comedy, the likes of which had been seen a few times before. Perhaps that should be its legacy. Not this, whatever this is. Television documentary? Comedy? Roundtable discussion? Who knows? The cast certainly don’t, they’re just happy to be there. As are the fans.  

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Scream Review

My disillusionment with the slasher genre and horror films on the whole is wholly my fault. I’ve just never cared for them, and convinced myself that they’re all the same as one another. A group of trope-induced teenagers and one token adult find themselves facing off against some sort of Scooby-Doo villain that took too many Ritalin and has since decided to don a clumsily woven cape and a mandatory mask in the hopes of dealing with their traumatic childhood or laboratory torture. It’s all been more or less the same, but Scream looks to mock the tropes that I became immediately tired of.

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