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Dear Evan Hansen Review

There are few sights funnier than a man nearing his 30s trying to pass as an awkward high-schooler in over his head. There are layers to his beautiful disaster. Dear Evan Hansen is the product of modernity and everything wrong with the self-intolerant, corrupt typography associated best with the likes of Ben Platt. His offering here shows signs of a screeching tantrum. He is desperate for that Academy Awards glory, and Dear Evan Hansen is as desperate a clutch at glory as Welcome to Marwen was for Steve Carrell just two years ago. When will they learn? Probably never, and audiences will be better for it.

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The Woman in the Window Review

Wanting to coast along on its Alfred Hitchcock influence, The Woman in the Window does little to separate itself from Rear Window. That is fertile ground to harvest from, and if done right then there is certainly room for characters within this Joe Wright-directed piece to flourish and grow. Here is the shut-in neighbour, nosey not out of interest for others but out of boredom. She uncovers a potential murder and must work from home (like all of us have done for the past year) to solve a potential case of crime. You may know these narrative beats inside out, but it is what The Woman in the Window does with them that brings out the most interest of all. Not much is the answer, but bless them for trying.  

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

Five years, four hours and $370 million later, this is what Zack Snyder has to show for himself. Justice League, or, to give it the full title should I be hung, drawn and quartered by the bedwetting fans of the DC Extended Universe, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is the titan-like efforts of a collection of febrile, short-tempered aficionado’s demanding a second shot for their apparition of Christ. It is a testament to the strength of a mass, who can push their king toward another shot at glory. He boldly sits upon the directing throne, waving his hand to the side, and here, offers up his elongated piece. A final chapter to close off a very short book that nobody particularly enjoyed all that much. Here, in all its glory, is the redux edition. A creative has been given the budget of a respectably moderate Hollywood flick to reshoot a film that, compared to the other superhero filler released before and after it, can be considered a flop.

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Justice League Review

Collating the riff-raff that DC had thrown out to audiences under one umbrella term is no small feat, but to hurry them in a film together to counteract the decade-long head start Marvel received is the signs of a panicked cast and crew. Justice League, like many of these extended universe pieces, is a good idea on paper, and with the right pacing and length of time between them, could certainly have been something more. The blueprint is there but is expectedly foiled by the collaboration of idiots and fools who thought they had hit the peak of their creative powers, when, evidently, they were far from scratching the surface.  

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

To give Zack Snyder a fair chance, we must judge him on the merits of his technical craft, as well as the hurdles he had to jump to get his vision to the screen. No excuses are to be found with the director’s cut of a film. It is their vision, the best they could assemble in the year or two they have slaved away on a piece, hoping to appease those out there that wished for gritty nonsense and super serious tones. Do they work? They could. Had they been implemented correctly, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been somewhat engaging or at the very least come dangerously close to being somewhat interesting. There is no room for quality here, with flatlining pacing, tropes that Snyder drags through his usual tropes and lack of effectiveness.

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Man of Steel Review

Had Superman been a character whose interest did not immediately wane through premise alone, Man of Steel would still have had a struggle in finding its audience. A near-invincible entity from another land whose only weakness is green rocks. Clark Kent would clearly hate rock-climbing, geology or anything to do with the rocks that are destined to deplete his sanity, health and mental prowess. Speaking of depleted mental capabilities, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder finds himself in the uncomfortable position of working for fanboys forevermore or not at all. He has, quite clearly, taken the avenue of finance, rather than the corridor of poverty. Harsh it may be to suggest the latter, it is an honest recommendation if Man of Steel is the quality he will offer through the remainder of his time making films. 

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