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28 Weeks Later Review

To say something as insane as “28 Weeks Later is marginally better than 28 Days Later” is a great way to alienate everyone around you. But I’ve said far worse than that, and will probably go on to say worse things down the line. The facts are clear as day, the Robert Carlyle-led 28 Weeks Later is somewhat superior to that of Danny Boyle’s preceding efforts in 28 Days Later. Please, try to contain your anger at thinking Jeremy Renner taking pot-shots at outbreaking zombies and looking after kids in an aimless plot of survival is greater than Brendan Gleeson driving a taxi. Surely a rage-inducing concept to grasp, but worth considering when it becomes clear that 28 Weeks Later wishes to expand on its own little universe, rather than toil away not questioning the intricacies of its craft.

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