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LIT. Major – We Are Gone Review

As the year winds to a close – or at least it is for those now preparing for the next year of work – catching up on releases promised coverage of months before is par for the course. LIT. Major is a delight to listen to and makes up the necessary movements of early morning music, those songs which shift you and build you up. Latest track We Are Gone may be one of their best so far. Mark the time of 22.10, for the moment the words “LIT. Major” make sense as more than a collection of letters. Sometimes the brain does not spring into action at the right time – if it did then more would be made of life. Better late than never, and new single We Are Gone is worth hanging around for.  

Delicate acoustics from the Connecticut-based singer-songwriter are just what the November nights need. Hunker down, wrapped in blankets and covered in stress – feel that seep away with this piece. This is by and large the best LIT. Major has offered so far. There are no two ways about it, the process of gaining and losing experiences, the percussion and thump which builds and builds, it all feels comfortable and challenging in equal measure. Balance of this form is tricky but LIT. Major makes this bedroom indie shoegaze style work in their favour. Stumbling through streaming services, and heading up tunes from those out there in other parts of the world is still a treat. Taking this for granted is bound to happen, but one or two tracks out there, when found, will reignite your passion.  

Enthusiasm for what is independent – but the impact We Are Gone is collective. A track just shy of five minutes with plenty to unpack, bridges rising and falling, and acoustics given space to breathe, tickling the brain. It sounds like this, feels like that. Feeling the comfort of these complexities without being able to place the influences and similarities to other artists is a sign of a unique piece. We Are Gone is. It is not just the finest LIT. Major song to date but one of the best singles to come from a wretched year of stress and anxiety-induced decision-making made, primarily, on a whim. Finding your steadiness, the ballast of which to centre yourself is utterly crucial, and made that much easier by We Are Gone.  

Plenty are making these softer ballads stuffed full of slide guitars and steady drum beats, but few are doing it as well, as creatively, as LIT. Major. Flickers of this band or that, comparisons made to offer a “like this? Then you’ll like…” positioning do no justice to We Are Gone. It is as fatalistic as it is warm – as at peace with itself as uncomfortable in its skin. One of those rare songs which feels special to listen to the first time, the second time, and by the third play the realisation sets in – a bold discovery which will dominate playlist after playlist. We Are Gone is a tender and well-crafted piece, one which helps centre the soul and triggers all those reflective moods which recede to the back of the mind when the day-to-day proceedings are endless. Be thankful for these tracks, for they are few and far between.  

Listen to We Are Gone here.

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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