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Boy and Bear – Silver Moon Review

Seasoned indie rockers Boy and Bear are showing no signs of stopping. Momentum is behind them and, like all good groups or stressed-out journalists, it is capitalised on. Silver Moon does just that for the Australian indie troupe. Burning inside for more, and so too their listeners. Boy and Bear ignite a spark in the lead-up to their fifth studio album, an exciting climb that brings out the best in their contemporary stylings and their powerful presence. They know what is best for them and their sound, lyrics that sway with conviction and a vocalist with an important range at his disposal. Boy and Bear mark that pairing with crucial style and focus, and it marks Silver Moon as a sincere, blinding effort.

Silver Moon is as much a confirmation of quality as it is a warning shot to doubters. “This won’t be the last time,” Dave Hosking warns. That it is not. If anything, Silver Moon is a welcome beginning for those not already enchanted by the Australian outfit. Easy grooves and the lightness of that bassline, as formidable as it is, make for immediate comfort. Silver Moon is a nice comfort track for those that need it, brine and all. Startlingly strong lyrics on that fine line between bravery and contentment. Hosking powers through that mentality, that process, with an extremely talented surge. Boy and Bear are a lyrical gem, hidden away under the swathes of music already releasing. Dig that extra bit deeper and Silver Moon is the reward. Artists out there are always like that, but Boy and Bear is such a treat to discover of your own volition. 

For those who benefit from top-quality publicists and email chains, Silver Moon is discovered differently. The impact is much the same. Boy and Bear make it worth working away, rattling through screener after screener. Silver Moon is the diamond experience so many seek out and so few find. Boy and Bear is a supreme discovery. Fall for the echelon, as they figure on Silver Moon. Repetition of “over” and its impact is nicely placed, Boy and Bear have an instrumental presence that brings about the best in their unity. A whole album of this is on the way and that strikes up real fire for the group and extraordinary expectations for listeners demanding more.  

Those that do demand more are in good hands with Boy and Bear. Consistencies and a backlog of talent to rattle through in the build-up to their self-titled LP later this month are ripe for the picking. Perfect timing for Boy and Bear, whose shaking of the genre is enough to keep things fresh and enough to pull people into its indie rock fundamentals. That fine line is far harder to blur now than ever before, and for Silver Moon to take hold as it does is a rare and well-needed surprise. Keep the ears peeled and eyes open for their moves in the future. They already have enough behind them to prove their worth, they were there as the catalyst of early-2010s indie rock. Pioneers continue charting a strong course with Silver Moon.   

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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