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Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Everything Is Sweet Review

Menacing synth and the heavier beat that lines the background of Everything Is Sweet brings Sophie Ellis-Bextor back to her best. She was never far off that peak but this latest single to head up the upcoming HANA is a stellar piece of work that builds, builds and breaks down the shimmering electropop she has championed. Sincerity and sadness push through in equal measure, flowing across the heavy-set synth charms and hidden strengths Ellis-Bextor pieces together. Everything Is Sweet takes note of its shadowy appeal, striking through with darker intentions, harsh momentum and a brooding fear that hopes to be unleashed on a powerful latest single.  

Much of that comes from the belief in dreaming and the hope held against fear. Smiles hiding sadness and the repetition of that line must come through for a quarter of the lyrics on display here but Ellis-Bextor does well to hammer that home. Following on from Breaking the Circle and the shape is certainly broken and reformed. Flickers of new rave styling, the techno shimmer that underscores this track a constant draw and elongating it in all the right places. Minor touches of piano toward the start and end bring it all back around to that fundamental Ellis-Bextor feel and there it is, a full circle. Everything Is Sweet maintains its constant, powerful flow through convincing instrumentals that play around with lyrical intentions.  

Ellis-Bextor maintains those lyrical intentions by keeping that vocal range strict and firm, a quieter approach that sees her match the beat, and take up the pitch of the contemplating, constantly overarching synth. For a track that praises the silence is golden thought pattern, it is bombastic and effective in being as loud and well-mixed as can be. Ed Harcourt’s production style benefits this one incredibly well. He and Ellis-Bextor compose a beast of a track, one that uses repetition and conducts that nicely. Key to it all is how it feels in Ellis-Bextor’s discography, a similar approach to Breaking the Circle, the fine line between early years reminiscence and the fresh face of synth-heavy pop striking through. A repetitive bridge gives an easily identifiable break from the narrative-strung chorus, a lengthy titan that implements shorter verses well.  

They serve as breaks to a wider picture, the silent strength of building in the background and hitting through later down the line. It is an admirable track for the strength it holds not just in maintaining the course but in fighting against it, biding your time and waiting for that big and inevitable blowout. Everything Is Sweet is far from sweet. It is a raw and heart-pumping piece that strikes at the core of those upbeat best bits from Ellis-Bextor from decades gone by. Move where the clouds go, stay shrouded and break free when the time is right. Quite the upbeat and positive message to lay down with an energetic force running through it. Everything Is Sweet clicks a theme together with Breaking The Circle. Both tracks have asked listeners to give themselves the time to prepare to break free, and in doing that, provide some pop-ready boosts to the self-esteem.  

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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