Riton, Gucci Soundsystem and Jarvis Cocker – Let’s Stick Around Review

Sustainable raves are the next generation. With Coldplay and a few venues in Glasgow announcing a way to power their gigs with the movement of a crowd, it is the next step of innovation audiences will be clamouring for. Artists too. Let’s Stick Around from Riton, Gucci Soundsystem and a feature credit for Jarvis Cocker sees an ensemble come together and ask an audience to do just that, stick around. They give good reason to do so with this track, an environmentally aware piece that blurs the best of rave culture with the lyrics of the Britpop icon. A pairing of Cocker’s comfortably sex-induced lyrics and the up-and-coming stature of Gucci Soundsystem may prove odd until listeners dig deeper into the Domestic Disco series Cocker had toyed with through lockdown. 

Let’s Stick Around is not just a plea for listeners but a notion of environmental awareness. “This is not a question / of being wrong / or being right” Cocker opens with. It is not the opinion that matters, and while Let’s Stick Around never has a notion of what the facts are, it is the allusion to it that proves notable and intense. His sultry style works well with the electronics that underscore his lyrics. The drop is strong, bouncing off of the lyrical philosophy that opens the track. It is the perfect twist of fine lyrics, poignant messaging and solid work that centres on the desire to craft a good beat and an acceptably strong drop. 

It is simple in its desire, but Let’s Stick Around tries out its lyrical strengths more than the traditional electronic dance style. “We all know that things must change / trying to ignore it seems really strange” Cocker stutters out. His lyrical waxing are stronger here than on some of his solo works. Clear cut and straight to the point. That repetition of “Let’s stick around” is magnificent, and Gucci Soundsystem has put together an excellent beat to go along with it. It is the repetition towards the end that signals the culmination of great work. A repetition that plays into the beat, and while it is not the most inspired or emotive of Cocker’s lyrics in recent years, it is the simplicity here that crafts a nice, niche dance track.  

An exceptional release. It’ll provide fans of Cocker with something to cling to but also give prominence and precedence to Gucci Soundsystem. Their track layering is effective and interesting, their beats are nothing out of the ordinary for the genre but work relatively well for those who like a slower beat per minute count. Even then, for Cocker champions, this may prove satisfying and out of their comfort zone. These are not the usual pangs of lost love in dingy streets and demented clubs, but a simplistic rendition of important environmental worries. Gucci Soundsystem, Cocker and Riton put together an encouraging and rewarding display, marking Let’s Stick Around as an optimistic but knowing track about the climate around them.  

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