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Mothra vs. Godzilla Review

Seeing a man dressed as an atomic lizard swat a giant bug out of the sky shouldn’t be this engaging. Mothra vs. Godzilla is a monumental, important film for the Toho era. Pitting the two popular kaiju against one another reaps truly great rewards, and is possibly the strongest sequel of the initial Godzilla piece thus far. But it is how the great Ishirō Honda captures the brutal destruction left in Godzilla and Mothra’s wake that makes it this engaging. Clashing these characters together is no small feat, and considering this was one of the earliest entries into the series, it is quite surprising to see that it works so exceptionally well.  

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Mothra Review

While the Kaiju-clad screen may have spawned with a stark warning to the effects of the atomic era, the social commentary would live and die within Godzilla. Beyond that, a marketable monster was found, and has left his scaly print on culture and a slew of mediums that stretch far beyond the big screen. Credit where it is truly due, for it is a thoroughly interesting and engaging character, the depth was just never tapped into as well as the debut, although there are plenty of stories to surround him. An infant of the radiation that spawned the King of Monsters, Mothra showcases a spin-off of filled with all the tropes and tribulations of these Toshi terrors.  

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