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The Bubble Review

Judd Apatow, having seen the horrific incident where Will Smith smacked Chris Rock in the mouth, took to Twitter to say “he could have killed him,” in a now-deleted Tweet. The Bubble, Apatow’s latest directed effort, could kill thousands through sheer boredom. His meta-comedy about actors screwing, screaming and swooning at the camera isn’t as smart as it thinks it could be. This is Spinal Tap was forty years ago and bucked the trend of irreverent meta-comedy. Most are playing catch up, and Apatow doesn’t have the same chops as Larry Charles or Larry David. The only bubble Apatow needs to worry about is the one this all-star cast is trapped in, with him commanding them between a series of asinine comedy bits.

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Blockers Review

Prom. What a wonderful time. Splashing your cash on a fancy suit, only to realise you’re going to spend four hours poking at questionable quality food, pretending you enjoy dancing, and nipping outside to pour hip flask whisky into a flat lemonade. What a life. What a time. America has romanticised the need for prom, and also the need for friends. Blockers’ need to romanticise the spirit of friendships and the magic, middle-class lifestyle is a tortured, laborious notation, but one that isn’t going away any time soon. Embrace it. Get comfy. Enjoy the ride. Kay Cannon and her cast certainly have, but they do nothing with it. 

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