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Black Hawk Down Review

Casualties, Plato and American warfare all strike at the heart in Black Hawk Down, a Ridley Scott feature that was catapulted to acclaim by the post-9/11 feeling within America. That glean of patriotism within Black Hawk Down is not because of the tragedy that struck, but the acclaim that followed does tie itself to the feeling that swept America. That sense of love for the country is surely felt for those that need it to survive on a day-to-day basis when they see American heroes trapped in parts unknown. Fair play, Scott, it is an interesting angle to take and bolstered by the sudden strike of real-world relevancy and the horrible bloodbaths that open his feature.

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Wrath of Man Review

What wrath does Guy Ritchie really have left? Brooding musical notes, bullets fired and a whole load of curses stagger through the streets as a heist goes off once more. A few days in the life of H (Jason Statham) provide us many a problem for H to handle. He does so, inevitably, throughout Wrath of Man. But the wrath of man is a mixed bag, one that has no real status in the modern action flick. Not even Ritchie can convince us of its severity, it is why he mocked it so severely and effectively with his previous film, The Gentlemen. But he has doubled down on his mixed bag of action tropes and hard-knock heroes with a tatty display of veterans posing as rookies, saving the day with the talents only they have.  

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