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The Boys Presents: Diabolical Season One – Review

Ahead of its third season releasing this year, what better time than now to look back on The Boys? It premiered and soon became a flagship show for the Prime Video brand. Its uber-gritty, so-called mature tone set The Boys apart from the mostly homogenous pack that is the mainstream of the comic book and superhero format. It was a certainty that expansions would be made to the world overseen by showrunner Eric Kripke, and Diabolical, the first addition to the universe, is a hit. This eight-episode collection is a hybrid of canon-recognised narratives mangled in with the usual outlandishness that we’ve come to expect from Billy Butcher and company, resulting in an easily watchable and equally entertaining offshoot.

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Black Hawk Down Review

Casualties, Plato and American warfare all strike at the heart in Black Hawk Down, a Ridley Scott feature that was catapulted to acclaim by the post-9/11 feeling within America. That glean of patriotism within Black Hawk Down is not because of the tragedy that struck, but the acclaim that followed does tie itself to the feeling that swept America. That sense of love for the country is surely felt for those that need it to survive on a day-to-day basis when they see American heroes trapped in parts unknown. Fair play, Scott, it is an interesting angle to take and bolstered by the sudden strike of real-world relevancy and the horrible bloodbaths that open his feature.

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Cars 2 Review

Had I owned a vehicle or known how to drive, I’d have sellotaped the windows shut, cranked the engine on and waited for the fumes to take me instead of settling in to watch Cars 2. Should Lightning McQueen have been a real entity that I could see and hear and feel, I would slash his tyres and crack the windshield with a crowbar. Under strict prescription of finely temperate vodka and a new diet of minimal calories and maximum liquid intake made the blurry-eyed viewing of Cars 2 a real breeze. It brought out hatred I had not felt in some time, a loathing reserved for hack, merchandise-peddling nonsense. Anthropomorphic cars looking to riff on the James Bond franchise with an ensemble of bland, forgettable and meaningless cameos is such a ridiculous waste of audience time and patience.  

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The Death of Stalin (2017) Review

On March 5th 1953, Josef Stalin died of a cerebral haemorrhage. What followed was a cut-throat scramble of his highest-ranking officials. Power-hungry bloodhounds clawing away at old wounds in the political system, orchestrating one of the biggest takeovers of the largest country in the world. To craft a comedy film out of the events that immediately followed the death of one of history’s most infamous dictators would be an extremely difficult task to pull off. Anything to come from the mind of Armando Iannucci is bound to be a great piece of film, so it’s no surprise that The Death of Stalin, a comedy that looks to dissect those very events, is nothing short of a maddeningly hilarious blend of fact and fiction. 

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