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The Matrix Resurrections Review

Rehashing an introduction is one way of winning over a new generation of fans while also appealing to the older ones who remember the release of the original. Balancing that line is a monumentally difficult challenge, one that director Lana Wachowski is more than capable of. Where The Matrix was a stunning feature that was soon subsumed by the larger remit of the science-fiction genre and cultural imbalances of the time, The Matrix Resurrections looks to bring a new and stylish flair to an old universe of counter-culture brilliance. “What makes Matrix different?” one games designer asks. Who knows, but what sets The Matrix Resurrections apart is its embrace of modern tricks and tropes, while also maintaining a credible understanding of the impact the original trilogy had on an ever-changing culture.  

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The Matrix Revolutions Review

Bringing it all back to the basics we began with is no small feat of endurance. To do so we must have a story and dedicated directors working tirelessly behind the scenes, primarily in the hopes that their gamble pays off. They have chosen to hold themselves at gunpoint. Deliver the goods of a rewarding trilogy, or be decimated by the greed that comes with spinning off your own venture from a mere four years before. The Matrix Revolutions is the final piece of a very easy, dialogue-driven puzzle, but one that has been satisfying and fun to complete. Surely that is the impact directing pair Lilly and Lana Wachowski were hoping for. 

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Bamboozled Review

I’ve yet to find a Spike Lee directed piece that really settles in well with me. I’ve been through all the usual suspects, but none have tapped into that unique style he brings to the table. Do the Right Thing is the obvious choice, but I find the message misplaced and the heart not as frequent or established as some of his other joints. Still, American Utopia boasted just how great an artistic direction Lee has behind the camera, so I wasn’t going to give up hope just yet. His frequent pool of topics needs cutthroat innovation and such gut-wrenching discussion, that Bamboozled is thoroughly prepped to bring.  

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