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The Maltese Falcon Review

Humphrey Bogart held guns. His posters would often offer him up, staring off into the distance with a wry, troubled smile on his face, a shooter in one hand and a trilby on his head. CasablancaThe Big SleepAngels With a Dirty Face, alternate posters for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and The Maltese Falcon. What does that mean for him as an actor? It means he is always in the primed and ready position. Prepared for the worst at all times, and such an odd little poster fact makes the world of difference when his leading performance as Sam Spade is sallied with two guns on the poster instead of one. Double the business, I suppose. You’d think so when John Huston is in the directing chair.

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In a Lonely Place Review

Whilst my first outing with director Nicholas Ray wasn’t the most fundamentally interesting experience, I was still excited to see what else he had to offer. Rebel Without a Cause had some nice camerawork, and the express vision of the director seemed rather strong, so checking out In A Lonely Place, an earlier film from Ray’s filmography starring Humphrey Bogart, was definitely on the agenda. A suspenseful, chilling thriller that pulls Bogart into a film regarded as his finest performance of all, it’s hard not to overstate how monumentally great the film has been perceived by audiences, and my expectations were astronomically high for this pairing of Ray and Bogart.

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