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Sleepless in Seattle Review

Well played, Nora Ephron. You couldn’t get people in their seats for This is My Life so you employed Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan to yank at the heartstrings so hard wallets fall into the abyss beneath the cinema seat. Sleepless in Seattle lays it on thick in the opening moments. A brief flash of funeral misery and then a despondent Hanks wanders around looking for some solace or lease of life. He will never be happy again. Not unless audiences stick around through the meeting of grieving architect Sam Baldwin (Hanks) and a journalist with no better story to follow than a father losing his wife, Annie Reed (Meg Ryan). What a pairing for romance.

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Independence Day Review

Not so independent now, are you America? Not when aliens from outer space blow up your homes and threaten your leading actors. Independence Day and Mars Attacks! is surely no coincidence. It is not often a year will feature not one, but two, middling Martian movies. Unclear it may be as to which is the better of the two, Independence Day is the least scatterbrain out of them both. Roland Emmerich must have a penchant for destroying the world, as he has now done it several times over with The Day the Earth Stood Still2012 and Godzilla. At least in this early work, he knew what he was doing, though. With Independence Day is the bulky realisation of action leading the way, and good times rolling. 

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