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Wrath of Man Review

What wrath does Guy Ritchie really have left? Brooding musical notes, bullets fired and a whole load of curses stagger through the streets as a heist goes off once more. A few days in the life of H (Jason Statham) provide us many a problem for H to handle. He does so, inevitably, throughout Wrath of Man. But the wrath of man is a mixed bag, one that has no real status in the modern action flick. Not even Ritchie can convince us of its severity, it is why he mocked it so severely and effectively with his previous film, The Gentlemen. But he has doubled down on his mixed bag of action tropes and hard-knock heroes with a tatty display of veterans posing as rookies, saving the day with the talents only they have.  

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The Untouchables Review

The prohibition era of American history is something I find truly interesting. The banning of alcohol would probably permanently cripple me, but for a good few years in the United States, such a thing happened. Gangsters up and down the country made millions in the illegal trade of champagne, rum, booze production and peddling. The Untouchables looks to profile an overarching story of how a select few officers of the law were tasked with upholding the liquor ban, and the various methods they took to arresting those responsible. Brian De Palma’s late 80s-piece pools together a great cast of characters in a film deeply set in its 20th century setting.

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Ocean’s Eleven Review

My personal dislike for the latter-day efforts of director Steven Soderbergh comes from a part of me that can’t shake the feeling that his stories are often empty. A burst of interest in Contagion (for obvious reasons), led me to the conclusion that he can certainly make some interesting premises but following through on those ideas to create interesting conclusions or depth is something I don’t believe his direction can bring. Ocean’s Eleven is perhaps his most famous piece of work, and if not it’s by far his most famous trilogy (solely because this is his only trilogy). Although littered with the tropes that I dislike from his direction, I find Ocean’s Eleven to be a completely amicable heist movie.

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The Rum Diary (2011) Review

The Rum Diary is absolute eye candy for those of us that believed we wanted more Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson collaborations. Taking apart one of the authors lesser known works and adapting it for the big screen is surely a risky decision to make, right? Still, who cares, I went into The Rum Diary hoping for another fix of the lovably drunk, scarily drugged up writer. Seeing what he gets up to in the 1960s of Cuba should have been a lot of fun, but instead we’re left dragging ourselves through a truly redundant movie.  

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