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Black Honey – Lemonade Review

After their successful third album, A Fistful of Peaches, reached record numbers for the band in the UK charts – Black Honey is back with a stand-alone single, Lemonade.

Heavy, angsty, and punk-filled vibes lace the track, a grunge-inspired headbanger of a song. With Izzy Phillips’ distinct vocal tones, she yells: “What a goddamn waste of time!” It is the band embracing all their angst and throwing it into one well-produced burst of energy.

The second verse switches up in production initially – with just Izzy and Chris Ostler on guitar – then the beat instantly kicks back in, giving the song rock status. The pre-chorus echoes similarities to The Beatles Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearst Club Band – sonically, the aesthetic is similar.

“I couldn’t make lemonade / My lemons were too bitter,” is the catchy chorus of the song, with the band singing about the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This song embodies what happens when you do not want to make lemonade – when the situation is too bad to rectify, and you want to wallow away. Black Honey adds to the overall angst with “How about you don’t make lemonade,” presenting the overall attitude of Lemonade. 

A music video also drops with the song in which Izzy embodies different people, from a punk to a clown, even a woman casually selling lemonade. It perfectly highlights how everyone, even when asked to make light out of their situations, may not be bothered to.

The song drops alongside four tour dates for the band next year, kicking off what will be a record-breaking year for Black Honey. Playing smaller and intimate venues as the band loves and thrives in doing – they are also accompanied by up-and-coming rockers Picture Parlour and Kynsy. Cameos also from sword swallowers and an Elvis impersonator – the band is thriving on theatricality and putting on a show. Lemonade breaks the band into a new era – one of remembrance for its wit and extravagant performances.


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