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Relive Pulp’s first-ever gig in 11 years as This is Hardcore tour heads to Bridlington Spa

Pulp returned from an eleven-year hiatus to celebrate their This is Hardcore release and did so in style.

Their return to the Bridlington Spa stage kicked off a sold-out tour of the UK, with Jarvis Cocker and the remaining Hardcore Pulp members putting on a fitting return show.

The sold-out start for Pulp, who headed to Bridlington Spa on Friday, May 26, showed exactly what the band can do for an encore.

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In an encore of its own, plenty of people attending the gig took to Twitter to share their clips and images from the gig.

With a growing archive of live footage now available, and only one clip used in the review of Pulp at Bridlington Spa, further select images and videos can be found below.

Exclusively taken by a man who smashed his knee on the barricades as sixty-year-old women attempted to mount the stage like zombies in World War Z clambering up a wall, the videos and images are just a taste of what is likely one of the finest reunion gigs of all time.

Coverage for Pulp’s upcoming show at Sheffield Utilita Arena on July 15 will be available on Cult Following.

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