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Lambrini Girls – You’re Welcome Review

Be thankful for punk disgust. You’re Welcome is just that, a callback but a push forward – the continuity of the early years of punk aggression paired with the modern outlook. Lambrini Girls are brash, brilliant and in the loop on what makes their listeners, and those who shake their first curmudgeonly, tick. Please turn your volume down before hitting play on Boys In The Band. Tinnitus is no joke, nor is blasting out your eardrums with some vicious spit toward those usual dullards who dominate the music scene. Whenever the usual crowds fire at or rally against those in positions of rebellion, the entire point of the anger and disruption is missed because people are blind to real trouble. Lambrini Girls make it clear this is something desperately in need of checking, and they do it themselves, far better than anyone else could. 

Blood, sweat, tears and noise are hard to argue with. Lambrini Girls are throwing all they can out there on this EP and it shows. Assured and confident in a style which makes sense in the cacophony of awful news and demented sounds, Lambrini Girls are a volatile shot to the system. Possibly the most necessary band out there right now. Punk anger is what it is, and can be morphed in styles and scenarios fitting the common class war or whatever other troubles are on and in the news. Terf Wars hits out nicely, as effective and important as all the other topical punk outcries which guided the best of the best back in the 1970s. Feelings of streamlined spontaneity are far harder than it sounds here, but Lambrini Girls make their explosive, sudden jolts of rage mix well into roaring guitar work and assured percussion.  

Clear-cut intentions are appreciated now more than ever. When the wistful era of punk has come and gone, when the likes of Glen Matlock are still holding the fort, the likes of Lambrini Girls are welcomed into kicking up a storm. Rightly so. Punk is reaction. Lambrini Girls react. Beyond their scintillating takedown of modern pop horrors, their playing style and instrumental class is a gifted listen, a surreal and heavy boom which guides listeners through this topical safari, warts and all. Deconstructing culture trends perceived as acceptable, Lads, Lads, Lads does well to take the Stone Island-wearing, chain-pub drinking husks stuck to their real men’s hometowns down the pub for a bit of scran with the lads down a notch or two. Tramp down the dirt, as Elvis Costello once wrote. Lambrini Girls says what so many feel but cannot articulate, and there is nothing more important in punk than a voice for the voiceless.  

Rally against the brands with their claws in passion and real issues. Lambrini Girls do. Someone has to. You’re Welcome starts as a gutsy and boastful introduction as if this is a service. By the end, listeners will hopefully realise it is. Lambrini Girls hold the important line, they’re on the front and neck deep in the horrors, blitzing through with derision of those deserving of it. Foul-mouthed, angry and heavy, just what is needed. “Just have a fucking day off,” Terf Wars ends. Everyone needs a day off, especially the crooked Karens and gullible Facebook mothers chowing down on the TikTok trends transferred from app to app. Awful bit of business, but Lambrini Girls cut through, an explosive flame equivalent to lighting a bottle of that lush pear cider, stuffing a tea towel in it and throwing it right at the heart of the trouble.  

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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