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Independent artist Jen Dixon launches Less Than a Feeling EP print run

Musician Jen Dixon has launched a FairSound print run of her upcoming EP, Less Than a Feeling.

With thirty-two preorders locked in, a further sixty-eight are needed for the translucent blue pre-order to be sent to print.

It marks the first physical release of music from one of Daily Star’s Top 50 Rising Stars.

Eleven tracks in total make up the upcoming Less Than a Feeling EP, which can be pre-ordered on a lovely blue record here.

Just two days ago (March 25), Dixon tweeted: “Help me get my music on Vinyl! We need 100 before it goes ahead, we’re a quarter of the way now so let’s keep pushing!”

Push they have, and with thirty-two pre-orders in for the potential physical release of some quality tracks, Dixon is closer to reaching that required hundred.

Said release will feature five new tracks and six already released songs from the musician, printed on vinyl for the first time.

Five new tracks from the What If EP, as well as six pre-released tracks that are set to undergo a remastering for the record, will make up the Less Than a Feeling set.

A full tracklist can be found below.

Side A
Over You
What If
Fighting in the Shadows
Number 13
Less Than A Feeling

Side B
Falling Into You
Why Did We Crash?
Which Way Is Down?
Save Me
Pretty Face
Speed of Light

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