Jackass Forever Review

Audiences will know by now whether or not Jackass as an idea or point of interest is for them. They have had six films before Jackass Forever to figure that out. For those umming and ahhing about whether or not to see the latest spectacle of self-inflicted violent entertainment, they merely need to look back and reflect on how they felt the last time they saw Steve-O launched into the air while inside of a port-a-loo. If it made you queasy, you’d best avoid Jackass Forever, which takes the silver fox cast and a few new recruits into some dangerous stunts and rehashes of old classics that almost put them out for the count the first time around.

Jackass Forever is dependent on a new batch of faces that mould well to the Johnny Knoxville group of old. Sean “Poopies” McInerney and Jasper Dolphin stand out among the barrage of new content, but all these new cast members settle into some new stunts and dangerous tricks. Even more surprising than the new variety they bring is just how game the old squad are to one-up themselves and each other. The camaraderie of idiocy breathes throughout Jackass Forever and for fans of the series that’ll be a beautiful thing to see. Their energy is much the same as it was in their earliest outings. Still daring to push the boundary of physical pain and the entertainment so many have capitalised off in cheap, knock-off styles.

From flattening their penises to covering Ehren McGhehey in honey and salmon, strapping him to a chair, then letting a black bear loose in the same room as him in what can be considered the pinnacle of Jackass’s lifespan, Jackass Forever is keen to push new faces. What is surprising though is that McGhehey is the real champion of the film. Out of all the stunts the gang of new and old pull, his are the most memorable. Nostalgic cup tests showcase McGhehey at his best as the Jackass troupe and a few special guests batter the fear of God into him. There’s one intensely hilarious bit where McGhehey’s soul can be seen leaving his body. The poor man put his life and testicles on the line, and it was worth it for the sheer entertainment on offer in this presumably final package of stunts.

While there is definitive nostalgia here, Jackass Forever manages to avoid the soppy mentality by striking new ideas and pushing forward. There is always the worry of complacency, especially when the cast are starting to run on empty after decades of beating themselves up, but they are up to the challenge of being demented, crazy and fun. Everything about the series that people were keen to see, the stunts and celebrity cameos, are intact. It is surprising just how little has changed over the twenty years since they first got a kick out of kicking each other. Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O reminisce with some quickfire classic gags, some not so great returns to the Bad Grandpa skits and a wild variety of stunts that push the envelope once more.

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