You’ll Walk Alone – The Passive Ignorance of the Powers That Be

As we enter the new year, scared and alone, fermented in the icing of our aborted lockdown lemon cakes, a time of reflection dawns. The New Year comes thick and fast, waiting for no person before dumping us headfirst into the first of many stinking great horrors this year will bring us. Before us is a choice, of how we conduct ourselves, of how we treat our neighbours, and of how we interact with those around us. At a safe distance, presumably. What that safe distance is can be discovered through guesswork of the highest and most taxing order. Blame the Conservative government for that lapse in competence, of which there are many potholes, problems and shortcomings.  

Most recently though is a barrage of crises like no other. The manipulation and decision making of late has lacked moral fibre, a gaping hole where a heart should be. Replaced with a confusing layer of statistics, PowerPoint slides and photo opportunities, the government has careered the country into a ravine, the consequences of which will be felt for years to come.  

The double bubble of COVID-19 rampaging through the streets and the timely demise of our stalwart relationship inside the European Union will provide potential havoc that will ruin chances and opportunities for an entire generation. Leaving the European Union in a time of national crisis is the equivalent of leaving the comforts of home to tough it out in a one-bedroom flat with no working amenities, hoping you’ll get lucky on a scratch card and start paying your way in the world. The blazon ridiculousness of the last-minute deal doesn’t offer much hope, but to those with stocks and shares tucked away in companies that would benefit from this deal, the smug grin will never be peeled from their snooty, arrogant faces. 

While it may be difficult, the public must turn their attention to schooling. Do not forget the inaction on display by those meant to act promptly. When the leader of the opposition proclaims the urgency of a national lockdown, such talk should not fall on deaf ears. It has done here, and there is no doubt that it will be a costly horror show many will not see the end of. Another example of the government acting responsibly, but far too late and with such a half-hearted disgust to the people it would protect. Especially those in the North, for which the contempt has risen to stratospheric levels, their lack of care or concern for anyone above London is noticeable and repugnant. It shouldn’t surprise the voting public though, many of whom put their faith in debutant politicians who would do nothing but toe the line for their party, no matter how many feathers it ruffled.  

The sad demise of Gerry Marsden occurred on the same day the Prime Minister said schools were safe to return to, but refused to explain the decision to close London primaries and leave the Victorian gates of Eton closed. Gerry and the Pacemakers offered us the opportunity to never walk alone, a hand to guide us through the hardship, but Johnson and his wretched cabinet of villains that hide behind their vetted press releases and their stringent walking of the line offer no such camaraderie. You are free to do as you please, so long as it doesn’t interfere or meddle with their real intentions, few of which are honest or anything beyond self-centred, brutish behaviour. You’ll walk alone. 

A sad shame it must be for a government so defiant of Marsden’s superb songwriting capabilities. The scousers and The Bhoys did well enough to remove any overwhelming support or interest in the government of today, and the echoed warbling’s of Marsden ring true each and every day. For he and The Pacemakers crafted songs that would unite people, whilst this disturbed government are set on dividing the country with a shoddy tier system that will rip the heart out of many communities. The effect of this is already in place, an unremovable fact of incompetence has caused the death of many businesses, people and friends. It’ll be a harsh five years indeed, especially if those at the top plan on sticking around for much longer. 

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