Jarv Is – House Music All Night Long (2020) Single Review

When former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker announced his latest musical endeavour, Jarv Is, I was somewhat sceptical. Friends and family are no stranger my ardent love for the work Cocker puts out on an impromptu level, from his glory days in Pulp to his magnificent solo career and collaborations with Chilly Gonzalez and Daniel Knox. He’s a musician that has done the rounds of just about every genre you can think of, and in an accomplished career spanning back ever since the late 1970s, it would be about now that any other artist would run out of fuel, the tank would read empty and the farewell tour would begin. But no, Cocker still has what it takes, and the proof is found within House Music All Night Long, the latest single from his upcoming album, Beyond the Pale.

House Music All Night Long is a taste of what is to come from Jarvis and his new troupe of band mates. In a time where his music is undefinable, House Music All Night Long looks to continue the excellently elusive nature of his music. Blending those delicate, sultry lyrics together with an absolutely phenomenal mixture of synth-like notes, Cocker and company bring about a marvellous sounding piece of work.

The strength lies in the lyrics, which may have a ring of old-school Cocker to the veteran fans of his craft. The psychedelic music video complements the desperation ringing through the lyrics, in a tone closer to that of Pulp’s earliest works in the likes of Separations and Intro than anything they provided us in their heyday. Given that feverish 80s sounding charm, it’ll come as no surprise that Cocker ditches the political melodies of Running the World or the progressively reflective From A to I in favour of creating a superb sounding song with some vague, tantalising lyrics.

When I journey home from University, my Dad is kind enough to pick me up and take me there and back. I often have control of the music, but for whatever reason my Dad will veto Cocker anytime he comes on. I imagine he’ll do the same to House Music All Night Long, yet the threats of throwing my phone out of the moving vehicle will be survived since it’s a song well worth the risk of having my phone slammed against the pavement. It’s a brilliantly paced song, the beat and melody coming together superbly well in a recognisable, catchy chorus conducted by Cocker.

If this is what is to come of the Jarv Is debut album, then I’m wholeheartedly excited for it. Bring it on I say. A far superior single to that of Must I Evolve, showcasing a complete tonal difference that will hopefully continue over to the fully released album. Extremely catchy, instantaneously memorable, well written, and another perfect performance from Cocker, fans of his work will feel right at home and it may be the song to convince those on the fence about the prose to be discussed within Cocker’s work as a solo artist.

You can listen to House Music All Night Long below.

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