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Wet Leg – Wet Leg Review

A post-punk scene revival says more about where culture is at the moment than it does about the artists trying their hand at it. Punk classics were the call to arms. The Clash, Sex Pistols and Ramones were not just innovating, they were capturing the attention of young rebels unhappy with what the generation before them had done. That is a feeling lingering through the music of this year, and Wet Leg’s eponymous debut album slots comfortably into place. Side by side with Yard Act’s The Overload and Black Country, New Roads’ Ants from Up There, Wet Leg try their hand at a third piece for the fast-growing, broad ranges of post-post punk. If that were a real genre, it’d be excruciating. Post-punk is Wet Leg’s aim, and indie rock is their rubber-stamped sale.

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