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Loki Review

Loki, despite worries of quality and caution from sane minds, is the best Marvel miniseries thus far. That is similar to saying you have a favourite flavour of petrol or have spent hours playing spot the difference with two identical images. Part and parcel moviemaking. These are the same core concepts with a fresh coat of paint. A cut and shut bit of branding that shuffles the deck of predictability and spills out another six-episode cluster. Aren’t we blessed? At least it takes a character whose interest has spiked not because of the writing, but because of the man that inhibits him. Surely, Loki would use that to its advantage? A dependable, reliant character who audiences know the story of.  

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Kong: Skull Island Review

It is not often we receive an adaptation worthy of our time. We have not received one for the King of the Jungle in close to ninety years. Kong: Skull Island, initially impressed me. Popcorn entertainment applied thickly and with real grace to the big screen. How fast our memories fade. But what was it about this piece from Jordan Vogt-Roberts that I had initially liked? Simply put, the Vietnam historian within me was compelled by the setting and build-up, and I was spurred on by a love for the strong actors found in this ensemble. It is not often you get to see John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson together, and I was not going to let a pesky Monsterverse shtick stand in my way of seeing strong supporting performances. 

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The Night Manager Review

Inevitably sleek and sophisticated, The Night Manager marks the unavoidable adaptation of John le Carré’s novel of the same name. Stretched across six episodes clocking in at near enough an hour each, there is no better way to tell this story of secret agents, government conspiracies and arms dealers than through the host that is Tom Hiddleston. He and fellow executive producer Hugh Laurie do much of the heavy lifting throughout an adaptation that starts off with a relatively placid approach and continues such a perspective the whole way through. What could have been an entertaining thriller that weaves arcs and angles together is instead a rather expected, underwhelming affair with criminals and convicts.

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