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The Great Escape Review

A daring grasp at freedom sees a band of unlikely comrades put together a plan to escape a prisoner of war camp. The Great Escape offers up dastardly Germans, heroic heroes draped in red, white and blue, and a collection of characters who in any other circumstance would be butting heads with one another. A rather cliché look at the war, but forgivable in a time of such upheaval. Hollywood cash-ins on the tragedies of life are inevitable. The tidal wave of films set during the Second World War soon began drawing bigger names, and larger budgets. The Great Escape is likely one of the more consistent and narratively compelling of these war films, especially those released a mere twenty years after the end of such a harrowing war. 

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Blur – The Great Escape (1995) Review

An unashamed Britpop fanboy, I find myself defending a genre that I still haven’t gotten the most out of. Blur, Suede, Stereophonics, even the likes of Radiohead and Black Grape, I still haven’t given them the time of day. Too busy riding the high of Pulp and mocking Oasis from time to time, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience what Britpop truly has to offer. Where else is there to start than with The Great Escape? Anywhere else would’ve been better to be fair, but this was the album I chose for myself at complete random in the spur of the moment. There’s no better way to do it.

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