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Stormy Monday Review

As soon as those choked-out jazz notes hit the streets and the American voice comes out of the English radio, it is clear to see the inevitable path Stormy Monday will take. America Week takes place, whatever that may be, as a reason for so many Americanisms to take place. It is surely the effect director Mike Figgis has. He is not comfortable in his own skin, clamouring for that route to Hollywood that every creative must surely dream of. It worked for him, but at what cost? Slick and sleek, with the American invasion of Newcastle in full swing, there is a lack of representation of the area it looks to depict. Sean Bean comes close, Sting too, but how they swindled their way into this late-80s thriller is beyond me.  

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Ronin Review

Off the back of both Heat and Leon: The Professional, Robert De Niro and Jean Reno were both hot commodities for the action genre. Ronin, then, is the inevitable collaboration between the two, referring to both as titular Ronin, samurai warriors who had turned their back on those they needed to protect. They were rogues, and to some degree “ronin” sounds better than “hired gun”. Irish and Russian mobsters go head-to-head in Paris, fighting over a MacGuffin briefcase of contents unknown. Unlike the briefcase, the content within director John Frankenheimer’s antepenultimate action flick has all the consistencies and usual suspects of the genre.

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The Martian Review

Thanks to the ongoing global crisis, I’ve allowed myself much more time to read books and listen to more music. It’s been strange venturing outside of film, but it has given me some time that, in hindsight, was necessary for my writing. Case in point, finally getting around to reading Andy Weir’s best-known work, The Martian. With a big-budget film adaptation lingering around my favourite films list for the past few years, it amazes me how one rewatch could shatter the love I had for this film almost entirely.  

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