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Pulp – His ‘n’ Hers Review

As forbidden the term “Britpop” has become, there are surprising links between the supposed big four of the genre. Producer Ed Buller, whose work on His ‘n’ Hers was preceded and followed by collaborations with fellow Britpop troupe Suede, understood, vaguely, what that sound could be. His ‘n’ Hers, for all its sexually charged lyrics and usual mannerisms and sly jabs from frontman Jarvis Cocker, is an explosive, relatively unique piece of new wave synthpop that Suede would lean into far more than Pulp ever would. That’s the Buller effect, whose only collaboration with Pulp marked a great success for a band whose album is a near-perfect run-through of iconic indie tracks and deeper cuts.

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Pulp – Reading 2011 Review

Loving music that was conceived before I was seems to be this passing hobby of mine. Friends and family will of course be horrified at my love of Britpop, but then I am aghast and fearful of their love for the Gerry Cinnamon’s and Lewis Capaldi’s of this world. One of the key downsides to a love for old music is that, well, the touring has dried up. Most have died or retired, but one or two are hanging on in there, hoping to kindle a nostalgic fanbase who are demanding, crying and shouting out for a reunion tour of some sort. Pup – Reading 2011 is one such response, to the sudden surge of rose-tinted Britpop memories, only a few years after Oasis had been shot down like the lead zeppelin it was and Blur had bounced back with a sudden reunion. It was inevitable that the best of the Britpop four would tour again.  

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