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Johnny English Reborn Review

Catching up with nearly a decade between the first and second feature, Johnny English Reborn settles the absence of spy parody with a bloated and belated sequel. There was little calling for the return of a man who once saved England from John Malkovich, but here he is, back in the field. The issue is not so much in the return of English but the changing times they try and adapt him to. It is far too easy to assume these changes will be remiss and ignored by Rowan Atkinson’s leading role, but they make far larger an effect than first expected. Growth of the parody character is not expected. The great pull of Austin Powers was the characters lack of change. The greater pull of Johnny English Reborn is that literal rebirth of a bumbling spy who turns up with confidence and gusto.

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Pride & Prejudice Review

What must actors do to provide the goods for a period piece? Pride & Prejudice has three essential mechanics that make it work so well. An adaptably strong piece of literature, a keen eye for costume and drama, and Keira Knightley. The claxon of the period piece rings out once more, and, honour-bound by some ancient writing or law, Knightley is once more part of the Georgian era. Like jury service, but permanently. Mandated by law to appear in Joe Wright’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. Still, she has served the genre exceptionally well, and her strenuous efforts to bring this immense credibility to Pride & Prejudice has worked incredibly well.

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Doom Review

Even the simplicity of a classic video game with a one-sentence storyline is not safe from the claws of Hollywood. Should nostalgically mired fans of the Doom video game find themselves with the choice to watch this inarticulate nonsense starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban, they should steer well clear. With no hope of adapting such a simplistic storyline to a feature-length product, Doom, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, turns into something far removed from the fast-paced pleasure of its source material. Neither hoping to convey a unique or interesting tale that adds depth to the John Romero classic, nor looking to faithfully adapt this work to the big screen, Doom is a questionable work. 

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Jackboots on Whitehall Review

Seeing the unrivalled success that puppetry has within Team America: World Police, some wise producers decided this system had better be applied to the United Kingdom and its rich history. Thrusting a childish, fictional setting to the streets of London during wartime, Jackboots on Whitehall is an amalgamation of talented performers coming together to drizzle grey paste into the ears of any audience doomed to listen. The Battle of Britain is lost to the Nazi forces, and their invasion causes a ragtag bunch of characters to defend the homeland from horrid invaders, peculiarly voiced by Alan Cumming and Tom Wilkinson. 

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