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The Queen Review

As the death of Princess Diana still lingers on the mind of tabloid consumers and freak royalist fans, The Queen wishes to depict the behind-the-scenes events of such a period. What was the impact on the Royal Family during this time? Frankly, I’ve always found it a bit ghoulish to consider what happened and why, but I have more interesting topics to engage myself with. I am not, however, able to resist the temptations of James Cromwell in a supporting role. He wowed me with The Young Pope, and I am hungry for more. Coinciding with the death of Diana came the birth of New Labour, and there is certainly room for an interesting contrast to take place here, and that it does. 

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V for Vendetta Review

Surely it can’t be a coincidence that most of the greatest authoritarian dystopian fictions written over the 20th century are all set in Britain. V for Vendetta1984, I’ve ran out of examples since I don’t do much reading and don’t care to Google for more, but two constitutes a mass amount in my eyes, and since I do have a keen interest in dystopian fiction, I thought it’d be about time I watched the adaptation of Alan Moore’s 80s comic book, V for Vendetta. Way back in sixth form I wrote my coursework on V for Vendetta, but I don’t necessarily have that big an attachment to the graphic novel, nor do I have any lingering doubts about how the adaptation from director James McTeigue should really work.

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