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The Full Monty Review

What a surprise it must have been when The Full Monty first released. Robert Carlyle said it was a gruelling shoot, some of the worst experiences of his working life. That’s quite a harsh commitment to make for a film that was meant to be straight-to-DVD. Still, bolstered by the success of a little film known as Trainspotting, this working-class dramedy burst onto the scene with sudden and cataclysmically rewarding impact. It is not often we get to see strong ensembles take apart the working-class worries, how desperate some people can be to reunite their families and put some cash in their back pocket. How far would you go? Far enough to go the full Monty? Probably not. But that is what director Peter Cattaneo offers here.

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28 Weeks Later Review

To say something as insane as “28 Weeks Later is marginally better than 28 Days Later” is a great way to alienate everyone around you. But I’ve said far worse than that, and will probably go on to say worse things down the line. The facts are clear as day, the Robert Carlyle-led 28 Weeks Later is somewhat superior to that of Danny Boyle’s preceding efforts in 28 Days Later. Please, try to contain your anger at thinking Jeremy Renner taking pot-shots at outbreaking zombies and looking after kids in an aimless plot of survival is greater than Brendan Gleeson driving a taxi. Surely a rage-inducing concept to grasp, but worth considering when it becomes clear that 28 Weeks Later wishes to expand on its own little universe, rather than toil away not questioning the intricacies of its craft.

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T2 Trainspotting Review

As controversial as it may be to not hold Trainspotting in astronomically high acclaim, I find myself in a minority that believes the sixteen-year wait between first and second movie was not only worth it, but also that the length of time between these two films led to a sequel that was stronger than the original product. Returning to the life of Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) as he takes a nostalgic trip through Scotland, reminiscing, encountering and rekindling relationships with former friends and family, T2 Trainspotting is a bittersweet culmination to many stories of Irvine Welsh.

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Trainspotting Review

My third (and perhaps final) encounter with Trainspotting couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Amounting to nothing is a terrifying prospect, something I actively worry about day to day. I like to think of myself as surmising to a tad more than absolute zero, but nonetheless, it’s comfortable to see that amounting to zero could potentially be a lot of fun. The aimless pursuit of happiness in the heroin addled streets of Scotland, a grim look at the underbelly of a society that no longer sees the light of day. Trainspotting is a fantastic adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s book of the same name that bleeds the spirit of the 90s into its adapted 80s foundation.

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