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Sloppy Jane – Madison Review

With baroque pop moments of religiously-infused wonder, Sloppy Jane’s articulation of theme throughout Madison is a strong, intense revelation. Eccentricity is at the heart of their live performance and movement of lead singer Haley Dahl, with a grand gusto and effective, unique quality to her presence as a stage artist. Somehow, Sloppy Jane has recreated that feeling, that thriving movement, on their latest album. A similar context to Madison’s recording as Jarv Is’ live set during lockdown. Or at least, a similar feeling and need to thrive in an unusual place. A cave-recorded album, taking in the beauty of echoes and the underground without having to deal with the unusual fear of being locked down in the depths. But that is to the strength of Sloppy Jane’s work here.

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Phoebe Bridgers at Manchester’s O2 Apollo – Class act from atmospheric chamber pop singer

Music journalists are gentle things. They don’t want to explore the exposure of the standing ticketed area. Staying far away from feral fans screeching and waving as Phoebe Bridgers walks onto the stage is not just preferable, but necessary to avoid puncturing the eardrums. But what an atmosphere it is, to watch it from above. Right in the heavens is the place to be. That’s where the scene comes whole. With well over three thousand screaming fans swaying to the indie-folk, chamber pop of Bridgers, it is almost impossible not to be lost in it. The sea of hands waving for Scott Street, the yells of adoration from a sea of fans who have waited patiently for quite some time to see Bridgers perform at Manchester’s O2 Apollo on Saturday night, it’s intoxicating.   

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