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The Truman Show Review

Despite a light touch from director Peter Weir, it is hard to forget how monumental a film The Truman Show is, not just for Jim Carrey, but for the narrative expectancy of comedians adapting themselves to other genres. Now, it is a commonplace event. To see some funny guy or gal from the stage manoeuvre them to pastures new, usually in the chase for awards glory or fulfilment of a larger role. That is The Truman Show for Carrey, and while Batman Forever surely helped, it is not the critical and beloved darling that can have such a monumental impact. The Truman Show has an inherent comedy underlining it, but a deep and quite horrifying message within.

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Picnic at Hanging Rock Review

While we may enjoy the uplifting times of a picnic in the sun, those within Picnic at Hanging Rock have a hellish time exploring the titular area near Mt. Macedon. Peter Weir directs this feature which details not only those who were lost that day but also those who managed to stick with the group and make their return to civilisation. It is the impact this loss has on them that is explored with deeper understanding, than that of what struck up the disappearance in the first place. We cannot hope for all mysteries to be solved, and what Weir understands with that line of thought is that there are those cases that come up short. Picnic at Hanging Rock identifies as one, coming up short itself where narrative threads are concerned.

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