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The Living Daylights Review

Although his tenure was brief, Timothy Dalton managed to reshape audience perceptions of what James Bond could offer. No longer was it slick suits and smart-thinking quips, it was genuine action that tried and vaguely succeeded to respond to the hyperviolence and machoism of the 1980s action genre. Where it was never going to compete with sci-fi classics like Predator and Aliens or the sickeningly good chills of Commando, there was always a hope that the new entry into the Bond series would breathe some life into a pun-riddled collection of disasters found in the previous outing, Roger Moore’s A View to a Kill. To drive forward with a new and ambitious lead was the necessary cut and change the series needed. Naturally, it didn’t last all that long when compared to other tenures of the British agent.

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For Your Eyes Only Review

The 1980s were a difficult period for James Bond. Helmed almost exclusively by director John Glen, the series had its brief highs and sluggish, lengthy lows. For Your Eyes Only is the beginning of a new generation of Bond. As Roger Moore fires his way through into the 1980s, one thing is clear. Nothing has changed. He is still the formidably cheeky airhead that, at the same time as saving the world and getting the girl, gurns his face in the most fascinating of ways. Much of that is seen in the opening, where Bond struggles to gain control of a helicopter piloted by a camera-shy Blofeld, who does not face the camera. That is the start Bond made to the 1980s, and it is no wonder a slump was on the way.

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