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Bumblebee Review

Popcorn flicks have their place, and Bumblebee knows precisely what it needs to do to become one. It is not a smart film, but nor were the Transformers films that came before it. At least they knew what they were. Michael Bay had no trouble pigeonholing himself, his cast, and his vision there. Travis Knight, a once promising name behind Kubo and the Two Strings, has no trouble reigning in his creative wisdom, replacing it with amicable action fodder in Bumblebee. There is not more than meets the eye here, although there does not need to be. We can find comfort in the cluster of car combat clashes and energetic robot wars. 

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Blockers Review

Prom. What a wonderful time. Splashing your cash on a fancy suit, only to realise you’re going to spend four hours poking at questionable quality food, pretending you enjoy dancing, and nipping outside to pour hip flask whisky into a flat lemonade. What a life. What a time. America has romanticised the need for prom, and also the need for friends. Blockers’ need to romanticise the spirit of friendships and the magic, middle-class lifestyle is a tortured, laborious notation, but one that isn’t going away any time soon. Embrace it. Get comfy. Enjoy the ride. Kay Cannon and her cast certainly have, but they do nothing with it. 

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